This project is a visualization of a data through music and through a performance of a puppet. I used the puppet that moves following commands from the computer, using arduino as a communicator between both. So as an irony I chose data about experiments with animals. The visualization shows the purposes to experiment with animals in UK in 2009, and also the kind of animals and the amount of them in every purpose, according to the data that i got in

The size of every circle indicates the amount of animals used in a purpose (tracks) and then, the fraction of colors indicate the kind of animals and the number of that kind of animals compared to the total amount used for a specific purpose (music notes).

The whole composition is a kind of album with songs, where every song is a human purpose to experiment with animals. In every track, the kind of animal is a specific prerecorded sound. The amount of animals compared with the total is related with the amount of loops of every sound and the kind of beat that the song has.

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