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In 2009 I founded Bangs! collective, a group composed by students and alumni of the Santa María University’s School of Architecture (www.arq.utfsm.cl), in the city of Valparaíso, Chile. We organized the event named T.E.M.P: Tecnologías, Estrategias y Metodologías Proyectuales ( Technologies, Estrategies and Proyectual Mothods) that consisted in a workshop and a seminar organized in parallel. The Workshop examined the possibilities of programming as a way to research and develop for design, contemplating a theoretical and a practical part, including the construction of an installation designed by Marc Fornes, which was expanded by the work of the people who attended the workshop . It was held in the city of Valparaiso between August 10 and 14 of 2009, at the Technical University Federico Santa Maria.
Marc Fornes is a french architect DPLG (diplomé par le gouvernement) and Master of Architecture and Urbanism from the Design Research Lab of the Architectural Association in London. He founded THE VERYMANY:
a design studio and collaborative research forum engaging the field of architecture via what he qualifies as “Explicit and Encoded protocols”.

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