indoor tree

Seasonal toys.

Indoor Tree is a toy built by the sum of a unique piece which can be assembled and connected in multiple ways to generate an irregular 3D surface on the floor. Kids can play creating new shapes and spaces, and at the same time they learn about balance and how structures work.

This toy was made as a final project in the Toy Design class of the NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. The assignment consisted to create a toy based in a season, and I worked in the Summer group, and after many observations I thought this is the best season to play outside, so I decided not to make a toy to be used in the summer but a toy capable to bring the summer to another season.

I was observing different activities that kids do in the Summer, and I fixed my attention on climbing, specially climbing on trees, because I realized that kids tend to climb any diagonal or vertical surface, and trees are an excellent support for that. That’s why I had the idea to design some toy which allow kids to play in their rooms creating their own tree and playing in between branches and voids formed by it.

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