Mr. Bugson

In this project I worked with a Michaella Cardona who is also an architect, and we wanted to work in something that we would usually not make, so in this occasion we tried to make a kind of bug who was able to walk.

After a lot of attempts we based on Reuben Heyday Margolin mechanism to create Mr. Bugson who walks powered by two motors and a several of acrylics gears. After assembled all of his parts we realized that Mr. Bugson walks backwards, but we didn’t try to fix it, because we think this is his ability and makes different of others mechanic bugs.

“Michael Bug­son” is made of two DC geared motors, orange mat board, 3/16″ ply­wood, 3/16″ acrylic, metal wash­ers, hot glue, bind­ing post, elec­tri­cal wire and a cell­phone bat­tery.

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