Elle | e-Waste Jewelry

A project inspired by all every day electronic devices and the speed with which they are discarded nowadays.
As a graduate student in a program related to technology and design, particularly electronic waste called my attention. Trying to find a new use for discarded items, I started this project rescuing and transforming cables into an object that can be used in our daily life with a whole new meaning.
Later, as an artist in residence at LES Ecology Center of NY I created a collection of necklaces, which more than products are a statement, and an open source idea to encourage people to upcycle their own electronic waste.

Also I designed the web site of this project:
Square Knot Tutorial
Instructables Tutorial
shop: etsy store

Model: Mimi Onuoha, Susan Ngo
Photos: Michell Johanna Cardona and Manuela Donoso

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