I am an educator, designer and maker. I teach topics such as Physical Computing, Creative Coding, Interactive Fashion, 3D Modeling, and Digital Fabrication.

I am also a practice-based researcher. I apply critical making and use fabrication technologies to investigate new possibilities in architecture, open up social reflection, and to propose unique solutions to environmental issues. With a background in architecture and interaction design, my work takes a wide range of research and form. 

I apply computational design thinking as a method to explore the amalgamation of digital and crafting techniques resulting in interactive and kinetic structures, wearables, data physicalization, toys, and upcycled artifacts, among others. Additionally, I have extensive research and experience in creating interactive projects both in the art and commercial industry. 

I hold a Master’s degree in Interaction Telecommunications from the New York University and a Professional degree in Architecture from the Technical University Federico Santa Maria. In the past, I worked as an instructor at University of Talca School of Architecture and part of the team of YesYesNo, a multidisciplinary company that specializes in interactive art installations and commercial interactive projects.

Currently I am full time NYU Shanghai faculty at the Interactive Media Arts program (IMA).

Contact: hello [at] godoymarcela.com | mgodoy [at] nyu.edu
Linked-In: www.linkedin.com/in/godoymarcela

More of my work here: