Finding Beauty in Other People’s Garbage

I showcased in a workshop some of the ways I create necklaces and other jewelry from discarded computer cables, plugs, and wires sourced at the Gowanus E-Waste Warehouse.
The workshop was held on March 28, 2015.

Diseña Magazine

I wrote an article that was published in the 7th edition of the chilean magazine Diseña, a publication of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile School of Design.

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Maker Faire NY 2014

Elle, e-waste jewelry was selected to be exhibited at the World Maker Faire 2014. The event was held at the New York Hall of Science on Sept. 20 and Sept. 21, 2014.

arquitectura caliente

In 2008 the project Foldface was selected one of the 2006-2007’s Top 16, in the National Award for Architecture Diploma. All the projects selected were exposed in the Arquitectura Caliente Seminar, and also exposed in the Biennial of Architecture of the same year. I was invited also to give a talk about my project in August 12 in the session about “Modular Design” with the architects Gabriela Medrano and Francis Pfenniger.

ameliechucky bags on press

My personal project ameliechucky, within the fashion design area, was published in Chilean write and online press media.