This is a personal project inspired by all every day electronic devices and the speed with which they are discarded nowadays.
Since I live in USA, I am surprised by how quickly multiple objects are considered garbage and you can easily find them on the streets every day. I have collected objects many times to reuse them in projects or for personal use. This is because they are generally discarded for a better, a nicer or a newer one, and not because its useful life is over.

As a graduate student of a program related with technology and design, particularly electronic waste called my attention, and all those pieces that I can easily find here in contrast to Chile. I started this project trying to find a new use for these items, rescuing and transforming many of them into an object that can be used in our daily life with a new meaning.

So far, I have created a collection of necklaces, but in the future I would like to explore new objects with this duality between functionality and aesthetics , recovering electronic materials pursuing to contribute a little bit taking care for the environment.