” Connecting Light explores opposing ideas of borders and connection through landscape art installation, open-source electronic hardware and software, and networks. Hundreds of six-foot-in-diameter balloons, equipped with high-powered LEDs driven by radio devices, illuminate Britain’s greatest Roman monument: the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site.
Arrays of balloons are distributed among several Hadrian’s Wall viewing locations, creating a land-scale communications network transmitting audience-generated messages—represented as pulses of brightly colored light. Messages can be viewed on-site from Friday, August 31 through Saturday, September 1; remote audiences can personalize, transmit, and see messages via this Web site. “

I worked on this project as a part of the team of the collective YESYESNO, that included Zach Lieberman and Molmol Kuo.

In this project, I developed and calculated the physical part of the project, designing and fabricating customized 3D printed pieces, making drawings, renders and instructions in order to explain to the volunteers how to assemble around of 400 balloons used in this interactive installation along Adrian’s Wall in the UK.